Asset Manager


Inovalis SA was formed in 1998 and is one of Western Europe's leading privately owned real estate investment management companies, with extensive experience in sourcing and managing real estate investment opportunities in France, Germany and Spain. It is highly experienced in the redevelopment and repositioning of existing properties. Inovalis SA has a team of about 300 professionals and assets under management totaling $5.0 billion. Besides its co-investment activity ($2.3 billion of assets under management), Inovalis S.A. also has third-party property and facility services activity (over 1,000 assets under management totaling $2.7 billion).

Inovalis S.A. is the asset and property manager for the REIT’s properties. In April 2021, the Board of Trustees approved the two-year extension of the Management Agreement.  Operating out of Paris, Luxembourg and Germany, the management team provides management, administrative, operational and investment services to the REIT.