The Duisburg property is located at the address municipally known as Schifferstraße 80, 47059 Duisburg Germany: The building is comprised of 108,960 sq.ft of lettable area. It is arranged over eight floors and two basement floors with 200 underground parking spaces. The construction of the building was completed in 2007. The property is in very good condition and has an attractive glass and aluminium façade. The property consists of four building cores and has a flexible design, due to its layout. The utilities, storage area and approx. 200 parking spaces are located in the two basement levels. A multi-storey car park located on an additional site in the vicinity provides about 353 parking spaces. Additional 79 external parking spaces are located adjacent to the multi-storey car park (Am Unkelstein 14 /Max-Peters-Straße).

Total GLA

108.96 sq.ft


88 %

Last External valuation

$41.10 M


4.3 years

  • Asset management.
  • Anchor tenant Hitachi extended lease on reduced space.
  • Stabilize cashflow, with the 1,200 m² vacant space already relet under a ten-year firm lease contract effective July 2023.
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