As at June 30, 2021, the REIT Properties consist of thirteen office properties in France and Germany comprising approximately 1,450,000 square feet of GLA with a portfolio occupancy rate of approximately 86% and a weighted average lease term of 3.4 years (not including tenant early termination rights), offering a stable lease rollover profile. Seven of the properties are located in France, all of which are situated in the Greater Paris Region and the Inner Rim. The remaining properties are located in Germany. The REIT properties are strategically located in major cities and town centers, generally in close proximity to public transport. The locations typically provide excellent visibility, access to principal roads and city center pedestrian and shopping areas. Given their central and strategic locations, we believe that these properties will continue to be attractive to office, commercial, industrial and retail tenants.
Property Name City Country Total GLA (Sq FT) Occupancy % of Total GLA
Courbevoie Property Courbevoie France 95,903 sq.ft 34% 6.6%
Jeuneurs Property Paris France 50,407 sq.ft 100% 3.5%
Sabliere Property Paris France 41,043 sq.ft 100% 2.9%
Baldi Property Saint-Ouen France 123,657 sq.ft 79.5% 8.5%
Arcueil Property Arcueil France 334,521 sq.ft 100% 23.1%
Metropolitain Property Paris France 78,818 sq.ft 100% 5.4%
Délizy Property Pantin France 71,617 sq.ft 71.5% 4.9%
TOTAL FRANCE 795,966 sq.ft 86,30% 54,90%
Duisburg Property Duisburg Germany 108,960 sq.ft 87.5% 7.5%
TRIO Property Neu Isenburg Germany 193,487 sq.ft 87% 13.4%
Bad Homburg Property Bad Homburg Germany 109,104 sq.ft 56.2% 7.5%
Stuttgart Property Stuttgart Germany 121,416 sq. ft 99.7% 8.4%
Neu-Isenburg Property Neu Isenburg Germany 67,334 sq.ft. 97.8% 4.6%
Kösching Property Kösching Germany 53,058 sq.ft 100% 3.7%
TOTAL GERMANY 653,359 sq.ft 86,47% 45,10%
GRAND TOTAL 1 449,325 sq.ft 86,38% 100,00%